The North Lakes

The Parish of St Bega, St Mungo and St Herbert in Keswick
(Worshipping in Greta Villas, Keswick and The Methodist Chapel, Braithwaite)

Interior of Braithwaite Chapel

Fathers John and Anthony in the Altar at Braithwaite Chapel.
More photos on the Braithwaite Chapel page.


Everyone is welcome to join us in worship. Our services are in English.

Day Time Service Venue
Saturday 6.00pm Great Vespers See below
Sunday 10:30am Divine Liturgy Braithwaite Chapel
Mon-Fri 6:45am Matins Greta Villas, Keswick
Sun-Fri 6.00pm Vespers Greta Villas, Keswick

A buffet meal is usually served after Sunday Divine Liturgy.

Saturday Great Vespers is held in the Braithwaite Chapel during British Summer Time (BST), and in Greta Villas, Keswick during the Winter (GMT) period. This helps us keep the heating costs down.


Parish Priest Father John Musther 017687 71230
Assistant Priest Father Anthony Clements 01848 330149
Subdeacon & Webmaster Richard Downing 0799 095 2358

Fr John’s sermons are on YouTube

Who are we?

Our parish is very young, having been formed a few years ago when Fr John and his wife Jenny moved to Keswick. Our parishioners come from many orthodox traditions, including Greek, Cypriot, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, as well as native British who have joined the orthodox communion. We do not represent any particular ethnicity but aim to present and support the ancient orthodox christian heritage for everyone.

If you are Orthodox, you will fit right in; if you are interested in Orthodoxy or if you would just like to join us for a service to see what we do, you will be warmly welcomed. We are familiy-friendly too.

We belong to the Deanery of Great Britain and Ireland,
We are part of the Exarchate of Western Europe,
which is an Archdiocese under the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

The Late Archbishop Gabriel of Comana of Blessed Memory(behind the Icon of our Lord), his Heirodeacon Father Athanaz (in black cassock), our priests Fathers John and Anthony (back to us), with visiting priest Father Christopher Wallace prepare before the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, 6th May, 2012.